Final configuration of our new grower scanner system

Final configuration of our new grower scanner system, before the units head out into the paddocks with our customers teams.

The ANSUTEK mobile application was custom written following an on-site visit from our engineering team to identify user requirements and prepare a workflow specification.

The software provides a remote support agent, including live updates along with a cloud data repository.

The teams will be collecting Flowering and Pollen data along with images, each plant has a “twig tag” plant label containing a unique 2D barcode that will be scanned..

ANSUTEK is an industry leader for turn key systems. Providing software and hardware solutions that lower costs, increase productivity, and leverage IIoT data connectivity to provide seamless MIS integration.

*Barcoding *Weighing *Labelling *Scanning *Vision and *Dimensioning .

Ansutek Onsite
Ansutek Online


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