Capture "on demand" weighment data directly into your application

Its just got easier and quicker to capture "on demand" weighment data directly into your application. Simply place the article on the scale, and scan the ANSUTEK weight barcode to automatically enter scale weights into your software....

ANSUTEK Commercial is pleased to offer a new release of our Weigh & Scan software complete with Preamble and Postamble configuration strings for use on Web Portals and Terminal Integration,.

Once set up users can scan the weight barcode to enable automatic entry of Weight, Station ID, Date and Time and any other preset information that is relevant to the weighment.

Out of the box Weigh & Scan will work directly with most weigh scales and applications.
Configuration is simple and intuitive using our unique configuration utility.

Our engineers and resellers can assist you with more diverse applications.

ANSUTEK is an industry leader for turn key systems. Providing software and hardware solutions that lower costs, increase productivity, and leverage IIoT data connectivity to provide seamless MIS integration.

*Barcoding *Weighing *Labelling *Scanning *Vision and *Dimensioning .

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