Another batch of RFID Tags shipping out to one of our international customers...

While barcoding is a viable option for many businesses, RFID can provide extended capabilities for tracking product within the manufacturing process and the wider supply chain. 

Our staff have assisted in a variety of Batching and Weighing applications for tracking bins, and carts to ensure the correct Product/Mix and Weight arrive at the Tipping/Mixing Point.

One customer's staff use hand-held scanners to register the carts at the Weighing Platform so they can be verified automatically in batching.

Combining RFID and IIoT for inventory management enables a shift from knowing not only the location and the status of a perishable item, but also knowing its transit and storage conditions.

One of the key benefits of this technology: RFID communicates smoothly with the ERP system, ensuring reliable information processing without manual rework.

ANSUTEK is an industry leader for turn key systems. Providing software and hardware solutions that lower costs, increase productivity, and leverage IIoT data connectivity to provide seamless MIS integration.

*Barcoding *Weighing *Labelling *Scanning *Vision and *Dimensioning .

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