When it comes to weigh labelling the Ansutek Team are up for any customer requests!

Hey Andy,

We have setup our scales/printer in their position on our fudge counter. It's in use and working well. We really appreciate your great service & communication. We have been trying to achieve a good setup like this for some time, so I'm happy to have stumbled upon you and get this project completed in great time.

Thank you very much!

In this case our customer needed to generate an “In-House” weight barcode (with an FU prefix) from an existing weigh scale. Whilst the scale couldn't print directly for this information our software (resident in the printer) sends a weight request to the scale when the feed key is pressed.

When the weight data is received, our program trims the weight string to remove any blanks, adds the FU Prefix to the weight for the barcode, adds the label text and prints the label, no computer required, and easy to use.

The printer can be used for other labelling tasks and when connected to a computer, the customer simply presses the feed twice when it’s not connected to the scale to stop our program running.

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